Consider A High Velocity System To Cool An Older Home

Since the 1970′s central A/C systems have grown in popularity with homeowners and new construction. Retrofitting an older home with a modern central air conditioning system can be cost efficient. With a set budget there are options, such as a high velocity system.

What Is A High Velocity System?

A high velocity air conditioner is a smaller, compact but powerful system that uses 4 inch ductwork or 2 inch tubing. These can be easily snaked through walls of an older home or hidden within closets, crawl spaces and attic joists. Small vents can be installed high on the walls or ceilings.

Why Use A High Velocity System?

Older homes can be difficult to retrofit with modern central air conditioners. Running ductwork can take up some space and cutting large holes into plaster can make a huge mess and detract from the aesthetic value of the home. However, older buildings can have central A/C without risking space and beauty with the use of a high velocity system. One of the benefits of using these systems in an older home is that they use smaller ductwork. Because of the smaller diameter, the ductwork can be treading through the walls without cutting large holes throughout the home. Their supply and return vents are also smaller than standard air conditioners, which prevents damage to the walls, ceilings, or floors.

Technology and High Velocity Systems

Technology has made huge steps over the years, including A/C. For older homes, options are available to keep up with the advances and maintain your comfort. One such option is using this high velocity system. While they can be more costly to purchase, they decrease the need for extra repair work afterward, which as a result may save you money in the very end. They also may be louder than some other systems but not nearly as loud as window units. For the Lexington area homeowner looking to retrofit an older home, a high velocity system from R&D Indoor Comfort is a great solution. Talk to one of our air conditioning experts to find out more.