Gas Lines & Leaks

While gas leaks are rare, they do happen and can have potentially dangerous effects on everyone in and nearby your home, business, or construction site. Fortunately, all of our Madisonville, KY gas line experts at Prow Brothers Plumbing are certified and are fully capable of working with natural gas piping systems. We can detect and install new gas lines in any residential, commercial, and even construction space.

We think that it is always better to be cautious, so if you are unsure whether you have a gas leak, get in touch with our plumbing professionals. We will detect your gas leak and quote you for the gas line repair. The gas should be on to use the gas leak detection equipment, but if your gas has been shut off, there are other ways of finding the leak or testing the system that we can help you with.

For any gas line or gas leaks problems, call your local plumbing specialists at (270) 245-2922.